Microbusiness-focused platform for managing inventory, bookkeeping and data collection

All the tools needed for a

successful sari-sari store in one app

POS system to track all purchases
Inventory management for efficient monitoring
Bookkeeping for timely and accurate accounting
Data analytics for business intelligence
Delivery and collections systems to simplify operations

Inventory Management

With our platform, it’s easier than ever to manage your store inventory. Order new supply at wholesale prices with a few taps before you run out.

  • Real-time stocks inventory

  • Record future orders

  • Record retail and wholesale prices easily

POS & Accounting

Track all purchases in one platform to automatically update your inventory. As a microbusiness-focused platform our platform supports entry of utang or credit so you can track every purchase.

  • Track daily, weekly, and monthly sales with ease

  • Keep a record of utang or credit per customer

  • Access a robust cashflow record at any time

Business Intelligence

Get summary reports of total sales, cash-on-hand, total credit (or utang), and other important information with just a few taps. Make the right decisions for your business with a glance.

  • Dashboard summary of cashflow

  • Track all purchases to identify opportunities or issues

  • Understand your customer base with all recorded activities.

Long-term partnerships

Geared for Growth

Designed from the ground up with scalability in mind, our platform is designed to grow with its users. By understanding the needs of the users, we provide an indispensable tool for micro-entrepreneurs as their business grows and evolves from strength to strength. From sari-sari store to mini-grocery and beyond, we’re all in.

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Packworks empowers the sari-sari stores in the Philippines through scalable and accessible technology. If you’re interested in our vision of bringing connected technology to more sari-sari stores, connect with us today.

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