Our Story

Packworks’ story is not like any other platforms. In 2018, we became the answers to multinational companies’ prayer to help them connect and get in touch with neighborhood stores also known as sari-sari store.

We aim to provide constant ways to improve the country’s supply chain through accessible and scalable technology that empowers small business owners that drives progress and inclusivity.

The team started working with only five store partners and realized our platform’s capabilities to help millions of sari-preneurs reach their full potential. From then on, we grew big and extended our next work for almost 200,000 sari-sari stores nationwide and still committed to reaching at least half a million by the end of 2023.

From Analog to Digital

Packworks started after our founders saw the challenges sari-sari store owners face in remote areas during a motorcycle trip delivering solar panels.

Determined to make a difference, they pledged to share their expertise and inspire small business owners to shift their inventory management and supply chain from analog to digital.

Returning to their roots, our founders had the opportunity to work closely with the people that are dependent on sari-sari stores. This experience allowed our founders to truly understand the needs, wants, and aspirations of these small business owners.

Inventory running out

Finances or end-of-day tally doesn’t add up

Hassle of coordinating or purchases new stocks (wholesale boxes, etc, the logistics of the entire effort.

As a result, Packworks deeply understood the challenges of small-scale business owners and has since been dedicated to helping them understand and eventually unlock their full potential.

About Us

An app that empowers small businesses towards a more progressive, connected, and inclusive Philippines through a scalable and accessible technology.

Our team of dedicated developers, programmers, and technicians work to put the power back into hands of the people at the heart of Filipino communities by providing them digital opportunities previously only available to big companies.

By bringing technology-based solutions to one million Filipino sari-sari stores, Packworks is driving toward a more progressive, connected, and inclusive Philippines.

About Sari IQ Dashboard

To provide better scalable tools and to access more small business owners, we launched Sari IQ dashboard that provides data analytics on consumers’ behavior and spending habits specifically on neighborhood stores.

It offers real-time and historical information that gives retailers and multinational brands complete visibility of how consumer spend – small scale wise – and predict the demand within the area choice.

Products and services will then be offered and extended to a wider pool of consumers which helps increase the sales of sari-sari store owners.

“The recent case study is the Sinulog Festival, 2023, wherein the total gross merchandise value of beer products from sari-sari stores within the festival’s vicinity was recorded and outperformed brandy and gin”

Our Sari-preneurs

Our Founders

Bing Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Bing got his start in development twenty years ago, working in tech and using his connections in the space to form strong friendships and even stronger startups. As soon as he left college, he started working in his own company, knowing in his heart that he wanted to march to the beat of his own drum.

“A hundred million people are trying to make ends meet during a pandemic,” says Bing. “How can you not help them?”

Hubert Yap

Chief Platform Officer

Hubert’s time spent in the retail space means that he understands the gaps between the national providers and local distributors. He knows how important digital transformation will be for the Philippines and wants to democratize software to help everyone.

“I want to help the Philippines grow,” says Hubert. “I want to help inspire, whether that’s sari sari store owners dreaming of a future for their kids, or startup entrepreneurs dreaming of a future for the Philippines."

Ibba Bernardo

Chief Marketing Officer

Ibba Bernado has worked with sari sari stores for years, however always ran into problems getting either the users to gel with the technology, or with the timeline for the projects. Instead, he decided to go straight to the heart of the communities, and went to the stores themselves.

“You just need to dream,” says Ibba. “Dream of something more. Dream of something better.”

Our ExeCom

Andres Montiel

Chief Data Officer

Andres is a seasoned executive in the field of first-mover innovation and customer-centric technology strategies. By leveraging 20 years of practical experience in the Information Technology industry, he has led teams in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Hong Kong in delivering new revenue models and technological capabilities. He lays the groundwork for enterprise-wide development and adoption of customer-focused strategies around new learnings.

Marvine Sy

Chief Financial Officer

Marvine Sy is a corporate finance practitioner as fractional CFO, specializing in startups making waves in the renewable energy and fintech spaces. As an investment banker, his expertise lies in corporate valuation, capital raising, and mergers and acquisitions with a total deal size of ~$20M USD in various seed-stage companies. Marvine has garnered international exposure, with clients hailing from the Philippines, Australia, the USA, the Netherlands, and China.

Krishna Ayuso

Head of People & Culture

Krishna is a Human Behavior and Communications Specialist, a soft-skills Trainer, and an HR-OD consultant. She is a highly skilled HR Business Partner with over 10 years of experience in FinTech, Gaming and Entertainment start-up industries. She is a certified Trauma-Informed Yoga facilitator and performs Performance Coaching and Counseling sessions for 3 years.

Alan Fontanilla

Head of Marketing

Alan is an experienced brand communication and activation professional with a gung-ho, entrepreneurial spirit. A creative thinker, he has a demonstrated history and background in advertising operations management, brand strategy and marketing in the Philippines, China and Indonesia.

Reginald Velasco

Head of Growth

Reggie is a top-level sales executive with expertise in both traditional and digital marketing with a 20+ year career span with 10 years as AVP Digital Media in Nestle Philippines, Inc. and senior management roles as a Web Producer at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp., and VP for Digital at Philippine Airlines, Inc. among others. Multi-awarded with distinct industry honors in ANVIL, ARAW and IMMAP awards.

Our Investors

We are trusted and supported by topnotch private equity firms and investors across the world.

Our Partners

Packworks is always one-step closer to achieving a more progressive, connected, and inclusive Philippines with the help of our dear partners.

Ready to Start?

Packworks empowers the sari-sari stores in the Philippines through scalable and accessible technology. If you’re interested in our vision of bringing connected technology to more sari-sari stores, get in touch with us today.

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