Our Story

Packworks was founded in 2018 and it started out as a solution for multinational companies in the Philippines to connect with neighbourhood stores, and has now transformed into a way out of poverty for the millions of sari-sari store owners across the country.

Built from the ground up for micro-entrepreneurship

When founders Bing Tan, Ibba Bernardo, and Hubert Yap agreed to work on a platform to help sari sari store owners take control of their financial freedom, they didn’t anticipate how crucial inclusive technology would be.

They threw out the plat-fin design rulebook, choosing instead to make an app that their audience understood.

Going back into the villages and communities of their childhood, the founders of Packworks worked with the people running, and dependent on, sari-sari stores.

Inventory running out

Finances or end-of-day tally doesn’t add up

Hassle of coordinating or purchases new stocks (wholesale boxes, etc, the logistics of the entire effort.

They got to understand them, their loves, their hates, and their dreams for the future. Packworks as a platform is infused with these people, and is dedicated to helping them understand their full potential.

About Us

Packworks empowers the sari-sari stores in the Philippines through scalable and accessible technology. Our team of dedicated developers, programmers, and technicians work to put the power back into hands of the people at the heart of Filipino communities by providing them digital opportunities previously only available to big companies.

By bringing technology-based solutions to one million Filipino sari-sari stores, Packworks is driving toward a more progressive, connected, and inclusive Philippines.

Our Founders

Bing Tan

Bing Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Bing got his start in development twenty years ago, working in tech and using his connections in the space to form strong friendships and even stronger startups...

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Hubert Yap

Hubert Yap

Chief Platform Officer

Hubert’s time spent in the retail space means that he understands the gaps between the national providers and local distributors...

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Ibba Bernardo

Ibba Bernardo

Chief Marketing Officer

Ibba Bernado has worked with sari sari stores for years, however always ran into problems getting either the users to gel with the technology...

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Packworks empowers the sari-sari stores in the Philippines through scalable and accessible technology. If you’re interested in our vision of bringing connected technology to more sari-sari stores, connect with us today.

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